Testimony of Angélique TOUSSAINT

A month in Togo, a month with AJVDEC, a month of happiness, surprises, mysteries, laughter, smiles and discoveries. So I was asked to write my testimony, but how to explain and tell such an enriching experience. I don't know where to start because there are so many things. A dream came true. For a long time I had wanted to go to Africa to help my neighbour and see something else, other than our noisy, indifferent and incessant world. And it is here in Togo that I found a fundamentally different world, one of calm, peace and above all joy. I come home amazed, changed and full of memories.

I didn't know Africa or Togo. When I arrived here I was surprised by the warm welcome and kindness of the Togolese people. Very religious, they are always present to help and serve their neighbour, it was a pure pleasure to live with them throughout my stay. I learned the simplicity and happiness of living in all circumstances. Through "good evening, God bless you", "good arrival" or to "yovo, yovo, yovo, yovo..." (= white), we feel welcomed and loved. I still see myself smiling on the street answering them while I walk by even if we don't know each other. A smile and the day marvels no matter what.

Working with the AJVDEC association has been very pleasant. Caring, welcoming, warm, caring, smiling, happy, the team members have always made us feel at home. I am proud and delighted to be able to say that I have become "their sister"! (yes, we are all brothers and sisters here). During my stay I learned indulgence, respect, joie de vivre, simplicity, generosity, patience (yes....in Africa we walk, we don't run! This month's slogan, which thanks to Benoit will remain engraved in my memory). I enjoyed working, collaborating and exchanging with them throughout my mission. In a friendly and intercultural atmosphere, I learned a lot and especially received a lot! Always there to support us, the AJVDEC team was there to listen and support us in case of problems (even if we had zero problems thanks to them). They also introduced us to their culture and country with passion, simplicity and love.

Through my mission, as a Chinese teacher, animator in an orphanage, proofreader and translator of the site... I was able to surpass myself, question myself, discover myself and put my knowledge, curiosity and patience to the test. This has brought me a lot on both a personal and professional level, and has made my internship at the end of my degree a wonderful experience! I leave enriched by discoveries but with a heavy heart to leave this great team. I believe and have hope in their projects, which are certainly ambitious but magnificent. It only takes a little to change a world. I was delighted to help them... certainly not much.

So I leave you this short testimony, there are so many other things to say... but some cannot be translated into words. I hope it will help you and make you want to go a long way with AJVDEC, which has a lot to offer you and is always happy to receive.

An association with a future

Golden people

Radiant smiles

An unfailing kindness

A beautiful country

And an extraordinary experience!!!!!!