Our identity


Association of Young Volunteers for Development and Cultural Exchanges-Togo (Association des  Jeunes  Volontaires  pour  le  Développement  et  d’Échanges  Culturels-Togo) is a non-profit and non-political humanitarian and voluntary association. Registered under authorization: No. 687/29/09/16 of the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Local Authorities, in accordance with Act No. 40-484 of 1 July 1901.

The association was born following a brass band from the Catholic Church of Notre-Dame de Fatima in Avédji, Togo. They used to play music at events that punctuated the daily lives of Togolese people (birth, birthday, baptism, marriage, but also deaths). The transition took place in 2015. The band was called upon to play at a funeral where many children were orphaned. Some were rescued by family members, fled the abuse of their foster family, others found themselves alone or on the street. This is why AJVDEC wanted to mobilize material and intellectual forces to help the local population achieve social and cultural well-being.

C’est  ainsi  que nous avons  eu  l’idée  de  créer  cette  association  pour  aider et sensibiliser les enfants et les villages démunis.

We also participate in the various Catholic pilgrimages throughout the year. Together with the faithful of the Catholic Church we venerate the Virgin Mary and ask for blessings on her members and all her benefactors. We work in a spirit of fraternity with people who are available and determined to work with love to help others. Based on the creative potential that sometimes lies within us, we want to help young people become the leaders of tomorrow. Very often ideas are present but means and know-how are lacking. This is why, in addition to local volunteers, the association would like to call upon foreign volunteers who wish to gain experience or provide assistance on our territory. We believe that it is through exchange and mutual support that development happens.

Faced with a resounding failure of centralized politics, African states are undertaking administrative decentralization, illustrated by development at the local level: the implicit objective of democracy. This cannot be achieved if people do not have the capacity to generate financial resources and manage them properly; even less if education is not provided from childhood.  It is therefore in this perspective of helping governments in their development policies that we wish to place interns and managers in communities so that they can share with the populations their technical, intellectual, cultural and moral achievements.

Our objectives

The principles that underpin and guide AJVDEC-TOGO's actions are volunteering, volunteer work and availability. To promote cultural exchanges, we seek to bring foreigners who are interested in living an experience in our region to join the members of the association.

AJVDEC-TOGO's mission is to help rural populations achieve social and cultural well-being by promoting participatory development and inter-community exchanges. Sensitive to the encouragement of meetings between local volunteers and those from different backgrounds, we are part of international solidarity and cultural mixing.

Through international internships, international solidarity and humanitarian missions, the Association of Young Volunteers for Development and Cultural Exchanges wishes to bring together volunteers from various backgrounds to work in the following fields : health, education, environment and culture.


School support, educator, assistance to teachers, socio-educational activities, presence in orphanages, sponsorship of children, donation of school supplies

Maintenance, IT, sewing, languages...


Awareness-raising campaign, first aid, creation of mutual health insurance; assistance to HIV/AIDS victims; distribution of impregnated mosquito nets to the population

One-time donations of medicines and infrastructure sanitary facilities in primary care units

Health internships will allow students to have knowledge and skills in tropical health.


Agroforesterie,élevage, jardinage, reboisement, travaux champêtres, collecte et gestion des ordures ménagère et déchets plastiques, etc.

Water sanitation, ecological latrines and irrigation of villages in difficulty....


Create meetings between students from the North and students from the South, cultural mixing, inter-community exchanges....

Maintain development cooperation with the public authorities, NGOs, churches, local and international authorities; work with village development committees (VDCs) and grassroots Christian communities (CCBs) in the realization of their social projects....

If you are a student, professional or retired and you dream of coming to TOGO for a humanitarian mission, we are ready to welcome you to our association.