General terms and conditions of employment


Have a minimum age of 18 years and for those under 18 years of age have a permit parental. Knowledge of the local language and/or the host region is not required, but simply enthusiasm and motivation to take up the challenge, to be confronted with a new life situation and learn more about yourself and others.

AJVDEC-TOGO being a humanitarian organization with a goal non-profit, we have no permanent funding and no subsidy from the Togolese State. Therefore, our internship/camp offers sites are not remunerated. However, we undertake to provide accommodation for our trainees/volunteers, to help them with their formalities (request for visa, consulate registration, telephone subscription, etc.) and to the support throughout their project (translation, linking up with the managers, regular meetings on the progress of the internship or the mission: progress, concerns, positive and/or negative points...).

Our missions do not require any special qualifications except for internships that require specific skills and qualifications (e. g. in architecture). 

Committed, dynamic, open-minded, creative, autonomous, initiative and team spirit, willingness to discover..... your help and ideas are always welcome!

Humanitarian internships allow students and volunteers to develop entrepreneurial skills, team management, analytical skills and communication through project management.

Culture of your commitment to citizenship

Discovery of humanitarian aid and Africa

Preparation your professional orientation and improvement of your CV

Brewing cultural

Cases of approved internships

The association will provide at the end of the a certificate of completion of the internship and an evaluation form. Any modification of the terms must be agreed between the two parties. The trainee/volunteer undertakes to participate in the actions of AJVDEC-TOGO in accordance with its strategy and organisational means.