Departure information

Article 1: Project financing

It’s a benevolent and non remuneration work
Therefore, mission participation fees are not reimbursed.

You have to reverse the association fees in euros to the bureau when you arrive.

Frais pour l’association :

  1. The costs of processing and monitoring the application file: 5 Euros
    • costs of coordinating and communicating the project before the volunteer arrives
    • correspondence costs of the Association: mail, telephone, Internet, etc...
  2. Inscription fees: 20 Euros
  3. Accommodation (+ tap water and electricity in Lomé): 160 Euros/month (valid for 1 to 4 weeks) includes the cost of welcoming the trainee/volunteer at Lomé airport.
  4. Participation fees for association projects 40Euros/month : including missions fees (help population in difficulties, contacts with local authorities…)
  5. Food fees : they are facultative
    • A participation of 100€/month is requested for the Volunteer's food.
    • These expenses include breakfast and dinner for the Volunteer.

All these costs don't include the following services:

  • Travel, leisure and extras, catering, etc...
  • Any hospital or health costs
  • Travel arrangements (airline tickets, vaccinations, visas, insurance, etc.)

(AJVDEC-TOGO is committed to providing the trainee/volunteer with human and moral support and assistance during his/her illness)